Mining Charter: 30% not enough – PPF

The Progressive Professionals Forum (PPF) welcomes the objectives stipulated in the revised mining charter. The PPF applauds the Minister of Mineral Resources and his Department on the vigorous consultative process followed to come up with this final document aimed at transforming the mining sector.

PPF has been unapologetically advocating for a target of minimum 50% on black ownership in the revised mining charter, however the ANC led government settled for 30%. This low percentage will not in any way assist in fundamentally changing the ownership patterns in the mining sector which still has colonial and apartheid legacies and is a slap in the face for Radical Economic Transformation.

There will be no realisation of Radical Economic Transformation if the white monopoly capital and oligopolies are not dismantled. Economic marginalisation of blacks and the shameless, pervasive white superiority in mining ownership works against the economic transformation of the country. All those who perpetuate and defend these skewed ownership patterns, thereby protecting white monopoly capital privilege are enemies of both transformation and the majority the population.

PPF calls on the Minister of Mineral Resources and the Department to compel all the mining houses to implement 30% on ownership within a year of the mining charter being gazetted and increase the percentage to minimum 50% by 2019.

Statement issued by Luther Lebelo, Secretary General, Progressive Professionals Forum, 16 June 2017


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